Automating MicroStrategy Admin Requests


One of our clients is a corporate travel management company. A single account manager can be responsible for multiple accounts and they act as a liaison between the client and its end-customers. Each time the client’s customer has a request, the account manager passes it on to the MicroStrategy admin to help.


Here’s what a typical workflow looks like this:



  1. Say client A wants to create users, client B wants to assign groups a user, client C wants to apply a security filter, client D wants to reset a password, and so on

  2. These type of requests are then sent to the respective account manager who then forwards them to the MicroStrategy administrator

  3. The administrator then completes each task for the account manager and notifies them

  4. The account manager then (as and when the tasks get completed) notifies clients A, B, C, D...N.

Now you can only imagine how long it takes to process a single request. Moreso, the administrator run their own analyses and prioritize these tasks. Understandably, this process wasn’t effective our client was extremely frustrated with the length and unnecessary steps involved to process such requests and asked us to figure out a good way.


Here’s what we did:


We created a custom dashboard within MicroStrategy Web/mobile that allows users the ability to perform specific admin tasks. It uses Transactions Services to process admin requests dynamically. Information is read from the metadata and once the required fields are filled and has been submitted, the information is again written back to the metadata. It then fires a trigger in the database, that executes a set of Command Manager scripts to create users, assign groups or landing pages, apply security filters, change passwords, or complete any admin requests.  



For instance, if a client requests the account manager to create a user, the account manager can log in to the custom dashboard from their iPhone, iPad, or computer and with just a few simple steps set up a new user.



Apart from creating user accounts, the dashboard can also be used to modify existing users or to apply folder-level security based on the user’s ACLs (access control lists).



This dashboard can also be used to set up subscriptions based on user’s favorite reports or the ones that are frequently accessed, which can be extracted from the Enterprise Manager.


So how has this helped the client:


The turnaround time, prior to this solution, would range anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on the administrator’s availability and workload and would create unnecessary bottlenecks for the simplest tasks. But with this custom admin dashboard, the time taken to complete these tasks has been reduced to even less than 10 minutes! There is lower dependency on IT as well who can focus their energies on critical business support functions such as production issues, analyzing any issue with the quality of the data received through FTP servers, performance tuning, amongst others.


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