Third I is a Silver Sponsor at MicroStrategy World 2017

March 28, 2017

We are excited to be a silver sponsor at MicroStrategy World this year. We won the dashboard contest last year and this time we are going to showcase our engineering chops -- digital analytics, voice, deep search, and more. If you are interested in learning how to customize, integrate, embed, generally make MicroStrategy dance (and do some other things it wasn’t meant to), come visit our booth - 302.


Tech Wizardry:

In an age of much division, we built this great bridge between MicroStrategy and Tableau so your users can seamlessly access high-quality, governed, drillable data through Tableau.  Learn more about how co-opetition wins with our very slick Tableau-MicroStrategy Connector.


Our ops folks were annoyed the CEO kept asking them about the company’s finances. So they pleaded with our engineers to build a voice interface against MicroStrategy data and metadata combining natural language processing and universal search. Come hear for yourself how our search-powered analytics solution -- Vozio -- responds to annoying questions like “Hey, what’s revenue for March?”


Industry Solutions:

When you’ve been doing work across different clients in the same industry for long (since 2005!), you quickly realize that they are all asking similar questions. So you become an aggregator of domain expertise, apply some research-based business smarts, lather it up with superb design and tech and then you get a multi-tenant high-performing solution that slays all your bad data dragons. Come check out FAB for restaurant analytics and Adalytics for campaign performance analytics.


MicroStrategy Services:

Okay every consulting firm can claim to be great at report development or schema creation. Of course we can do everything it takes to build a MicroStrategy analytics app from scratch ... in our sleep. But what you really want to test us for is how well we know the innards of MicroStrategy, the deep workings of the SDK and how we make it jump hoops. Explore and test our mastery of MicroStrategy SDK-based customizations and ask us your hardest questions. Check out our work!


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