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July 9, 2015


At Third I, we have been involved in a series of internal projects where we have been building solutions on the latest mobile and web platforms. As part of our MicroStrategy portfolio of solutions, we had worked on integrating third-party visualizations such as Highcharts into MicroStrategy dashboards. The focus there was to build a framework for developing custom visualizations using third-party libraries without writing any MicroStrategy custom code. The framework would separate the task of retrieving data from the presentation layer.



Taking that approach over to the mobile world, we decided to build a native iOS app that would allow our MicroStrategy administrators to monitor their Intelligence Servers and perform some common tasks such as clearing caches, cancelling jobs, restarting the Intelligence Server etc. We've also built in some pretty useful user management tasks such as creating and deleting users, changing a user status and so on. With this app, these simple admin tasks are now available at your fingertips and the admin does not need to log into his Developer client for that.


If you're interested in building apps such as this and would like to know more about what we can do with the MicroStrategy SDK, feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you.


We're still in the process of finalizing the UI and workflow for the app as you can see from the video below:

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