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"The food & beverage industry is very complex and we needed a trustworthy partner to quickly understand these complexities and help us build a smart, intuitive analytics solution. They developed insights that helped improve restaurant operations, marketing & promotions, sales, and customer engagement for our clients".

- David Nehme, Managing Director, DNR Consulting (Australia) Pty Ltd


FAB helps food and beverage businesses be more profitable 

by providing actionable insights  for

sales, operations, procurement, and social media.

What can you get with FAB?

  • Sales Analysis

  • Customer Loyalty Analysis (RFM analysis)

  • Customer Lifecycle Analysis (new vs repeat customer)

  • Product mix

  • Promotion Effectiveness

  • Social Sentiment Analysis

  • Labor Management and Loss Control

  • Loss Prevention

  • Waste Tracking

  • Food Cost Analysis (COGS)

  • Inventory Management

  • Recipe Management

  • Procurement Compliance

  • Vendor Compliance


Regional or local managers use FAB Sales to monitor critical KPIs such as individual outlet performance, optimal product mix, customer life-cycle, and average check per restaurant.


Questions that FAB Sales helps to answer:

  • What are my highest selling or lowest selling products?

  • What is my meal session flow analysis?

  • What is the best side item to sell with my main items?

  • How are specific locations performing?


With FAB Operations, managers can track labor performance, evaluate average wait times for customers, prevent losses, and make amendments to the roster all from one place.


Questions that FAB Operations helps to answer:

  • Am I doing a good job planning my roster?

  • What is the volume of my main items per hour of the day?

  • How is the front of house and back of house performing?

  • How long do my customers have to wait before they are served?


FAB Procurement helps analyze food cost percentage, provide for

effective planning, reduce costs, monitor inventory turnover rate,

and provide individual recipe cost breakdowns.


Questions that FAB Procurement helps to answer:

  • What is my food cost to sales margin?

  • How is my yield report looking and where can I reduce wastage?

  • How compliant are my vendors?

  • What is my inventory turnover rate?

Campaign and marketing managers use FAB Social Media to

get an integrated view of all social activity and performance, analyze

customer satisfaction, and better plan social activities.

Questions that FAB Social Media helps to answer:

  • How are all my social channels performing?

  • Are people speaking positively of my brand or are they unhappy?

  • Am I getting the maximum ROI from my promotional campaign?

  • How effective is my combined and individual social strategy?


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