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Centimint is a stock market sentiment analysis app where social media and financial data is calculated in real-time to provide instant Web and Mobile analytics with MicroStrategy.


Centimint is a stock portfolio management and tracking app that combines market, company, and social media data to provide a comprehensive view of individual stocks and enable smart buying/selling decisions.



Typically, stock management apps just aggregate the latest new headlines to provide information about a company or stock in question. Most don’t provide the analyses of market sentiments which have been shown to have a substantial impact on the purchase or sale of a stock.



Centimint is an integrated mobile app that combines technical, fundamental, and sentiment analyses to create a holistic picture of stock performance. It tracks and presents a number of KPIs: fundamental indicators which include quarterly results, forecasts, and cash flow; technical indicators which include trading patterns and trends; and sentiment indicators which involve harvesting Twitter feeds.

Centimint provides a bird’s eye view of the user’s stock portfolio and KPI changes for each stock. Clever visualizations and intuitive layouts help users make smarter faster decisions. What’s more, they can buy/sell with a click right from the app. 






We built CentiMint as an iPad app that assists HNIs and institutional investors to track and manage their portfolio of stocks. The app provides trends based on three major analysis methods: fundamental, technical, and sentimental. A combination of all three methods provides a more accurate model to predict stock movement.


  • Real-time data feeds from Yahoo! Finance and news feeds from Twitter

  • Live financial feeds from Yahoo! Finance for P/E ratio, market cap, etc

  • R-based algorithms to compute sentiment score from live $TICKER streams (Twitter)

  • Microstrategy Transaction services for tracking and managing stocks

For real-time data, we built a set of REST APIs that retrieves financial data from Yahoo Finance. For the Sentiment Analysis section, we utilized an 'R' statistical package sift through Twitter feeds and compute a sentiment score for a specific stock.



Available for private installs. Contact us for more details.

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