January 7, 2018

(Augment physical objects with analytics from MicroStrategy. Explore how a Unity platform-based iPad app combined with MicroStrategy REST APIs recognizes a 3D object, calls MicroStrategy datasets, anchors animated analytics to the object and enables virtual interactivity for drill-downs.) 

Why AR + A...

August 21, 2017

The Third I MicroStrategy-Tableau Connector is an enterprise-grade plug-n-play solution that bridges the MicroStrategy - Tableau gap. 

Jump to the demo video.

If you're a tech-savvy analyst who needs to visualize their data, there is a high chance you're probably using Tableau. One of the reasons you'...

April 5, 2017

In MicroStrategy, thresholds are typically applied to a metric or an attribute at a template level. MicroStrategy now supports attribute thresholding in version 10.4 for Web. This architecture presents certain challenges in self-service reporting.

If we look at the object model, a threshold object in...

September 16, 2016

I obviously had to jump on the election bandwagon and play with the data and tinker with how we present it! I have been accused far too often about having an opinion that potentially offends everyone but I shall refrain from that and speak only about the technology :).

We are inundated with pol...

July 9, 2015

At Third I, we have been involved in a series of internal projects where we have been building solutions on the latest mobile and web platforms. As part of our MicroStrategy portfolio of solutions, we had worked on integrating third-party visualizations such as Highcharts into MicroStrategy dashboar...

January 17, 2015

Ever since MicroStrategy introduced “Flash View” mode in their dashboards, it has been a very popular choice for developers looking to introduce interactivity in their dashboards. MicroStrategy also introduced the Visualization SDK along with Flex development tools to create custom Flash widgets.


January 16, 2015

I had deployed a DHTML-based widget by simply using the out-of-the-box transforms for retrieving data from a grid. Ideally we may need to create our own custom transform to generate a JSON with our own custom format.

We use MicroStrategy’s Block Infrastructure to achieve this. The Block Infrastructur...

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